How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication

At GladeServices we provide you with many tools to secure your account, one method is Two-Factor Authentication.

We feel very strongly about this as this is the place you keep all your precious domain names, hosting packages, and billing information.

You can enable by logging into our Client Area -> Security Settings:


To enable, click the green Click here to Enable button:

Our setup wizard will then guide you through the process:

As above, you'll be given a QR code to scan or code to manually enter into your app:

Next, enter the six-digit code on the app to confirm:

Finally, you'll be given your backup code.  Please remember you should NEVER store this on your computer and should write it down somewhere safe:

That's it!  Next time you login to your GladeServices account, you'll be asked to verify your unique six-digit pin code.

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